Past Lives Regression

There is a huge problem with professional psychiatrists, psychologists, hypnotists, so called psychics, palm readers, witch doctors and voodoo priests who claim they can perform age regression into a previous life and here's why. 

Our brains accumulate information from many sources, like real situations, fantasies and dreams, and they often get jumbled up, mixed together, in the process.

But the most important thing for you to understand is that our brains, actually our subconscious, can't tell the difference between reality and fantasy. This is why your dreams feel so real. 

People who claim they practice astral projection claim that it is real, but since our brains / subconscious can't distinguish the difference between reality and fantasy, then it is safe to assume that our brains recognize fantasy and dreams as real.

Someone who is experiencing age regression into a previous lifetime may be experiencing a jumbled up set of events from a lifetime of watching movies, watching the history channel, watching the news, reading books and even from what their history teacher taught them many years earlier. 

And there's more. They could be remembering about a particular point in time when they were a very small child, perhaps while playing make believe with dolls, and have since forgotten about it until they brought it to consciousness through age regression and then mistakenly believed that the make believe world they created as a child while playing with dolls was from a previous life.

So even though there will always be people who believe in past lives, psychics and witch doctors, I recommend keeping an open mind that it may instead be memories created from fantasies.