My Experience

I started reading clinical psychology books at age 15, literally a book a month. I got my degree in psychology in college. And I've read hundreds of psychology books since college. Hypnotherapy was just the next step up.

I'm a "medical hypnotist" in that I help people with severe issues by using both my knowledge of psychology as well as my understanding of the power of the mind.

The following are the tools I use to help people, beginning with the most important:

√ Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
√ Progressive Relaxation Techniques
√ Autogenic Training Techniques
√ Visualization Techniques
√ Stress Management Techniques
√ Pain Free Childbirth Techniques

I also offer stage hypnosis in regards to helping Corporations because of my knowledge in Medicine and Stress Management.

As for "comedy" stage hypnosis for schools and parties, anyone with half a brain and a very limited knowledge of hypnosis can entertain people. It takes very little knowledge of hypnosis to say "relax this muscle, that muscle, sleep, now dance like a drunken monkey."

My stage shows are different in that I don't push the useless comedy side, like having participants forget the number 7 or are unable to move their feet. Instead, I teach how the power of the mind can overcome obstacles, eliminate fear, anxiety and hopelessness and can create strength and a love for all life holds for them. And I do it in a light-hearted way that can get the audience to laugh and more importantly, take away tools that they themselves can use to live a better life.