Want to lose weight?

Please understand that if you are simply a little overweight, the following stories aren't pointed at you. 

From Richard Simmons in the 70's to every nutritionist and exercise expert since, they all agree with the following.

Short Version = All the fruits and vegetables you can eat, vinaigrette dressing, lean meat twice a day and no snacks, no sugars, no frozen meals (pizza, TV dinners, etc.). 

I had a neighbor with an enormous pot belly pig who couldn't even stand. His belly was below ground level. The family was feeding him table scraps = fattening. I was then put in charge. 

Throughout the day and night, I placed fruit and vegetables under his nose because he couldn't stand. The juicier the fruit and vegetables, the more he ate. Every day he gobbled them up. He got a handful of protein pellets twice a day. 

Within a month his belly was finally barely off the ground and he could finally walk slowly. I would then place juicy fruits like grapes, watermelon, cantaloupe, strawberries, a couple feet apart so that he would walk around the yard getting his cardio. Everyday the exact same routine. 

Within a total of 3 months, his belly was 8 inches off the ground and he was running around his giant yard. Pig parts are used on human being. Therefore the way a human loses weight is the same way a pig does. 

A special note here. Don't think those dietary chocolate bars from Weight Watchers and Slim-Fast and so on help you lose weight. They are plateau food, not weight loss food.

Again, all the fruits and vegetables you can eat all day and night long. If you need a dressing, only use vinaigrette dressings. And at least walk while picking up the pace to raise your cardio for at least half an hour every single day. Skip a day and you will realize why you are obese.

I watched a morbidly obese woman at a McDonald's scream at every employee then dropping to the floor curled up in a ball and violently crying, screaming that they could have put more french fries inside the box of her extra large french fry order. She claimed there was still room in that box for more french fries. The staff and managers refused to give her more french fries causing her tantrums to become louder. I coaxed her outside after a long while and ask if she understood that her addiction to deep fried food is what causes her morbid obesity as well as her temper tantrums. That what she has is a mental disease which causes her to perpetuate her self-destructive behavior.

She gave me the same response the hundreds of obese people I have tried to help have given me. Genetics, medication, depression, not enough time to workout are all poor excuses. 

Some people just cannot process fat the way thin people can. Their body stores fat in their neck, shoulders and upper back as well as their stomach, waist, hips and legs. There is a switch in their brain that they have turned off when they look in the mirror and decide to continue shoving fattening foods down their throat that cannot be processed, only stored.

Like the pot belly pig, I recommend to only eat all the fruits and vegetables you can eat all day and night long, only use vinaigrette dressing and walk at least half an hour every single day. That doesn't mean to only walk for half an hour. Personally, I recommend walking for 1 hour a day. But when you walk, even if it's walking in place in your living room, make sure it raises your heart rate, because only cardio will help you lose weight. 

The science of hypnosis flips the switch in your brain, causing you to see your self-destructive picture as well as the newly-developed picture the hypnotist created which shows a healthier and active you. 

Obesity and morbidly obesity is a mental disease and cannot be cured in one simple session. In order to lose weight, the client has to meet me halfway. When an appointment is made, keep it. When you make excuses to break the appointment, that is your mental disease giving you every excuse in the book as to why you cannot keep your appointment. 

Perhaps you forgot to take your mom to the hospital or you're too sick to get out of bed or the children need you. But those are not real excuses. The real excuse is your brain is telling you to remain obese. It throws a temper tantrum on the floor and screams that it would rather have more food that perpetuates one's obesity. It makes up excuses - that only you yourself will believe - as to why you cannot keep your additional appointments on time.

Learn from the pot belly pig and set up at least 6 appointments, one every 3 days in order for the cure to be effective. Then set up follow-up appointment every 2 weeks for at least 3 months. Obesity and morbidly obesity is a serious issue, a mental disease, and needs serious people to help you with it. 

It is unfortunate that these one session cure-all hypnotists, as well as pills that claim they help you lose weight in your sleep and then there's exercise videos that claim you only need 7 minutes a day, can somehow convince millions of people that they are the answer. They are not. If they were, then there would not be millions of obese people in this country alone. 

Commercials claim you could simply order your 30 Weight Watcher or Jenny Craig meals every month and, along with the sensible exercise program, watch the pounds melt away. 

Save your money. Fruits, vegetables and lean protein and raise your heart rate for 30 minutes to an hour a day has been the solution to obesity since the days of Richard Simmons. I cannot stress this enough. And then go to a hypnotist to flip that switch on.