About Me

I started reading clinical psychology books at age 15, literally a book a month. I majored in psychology in college earning my degree. And I've read hundreds of psychology books since college. Hypnotherapy was just the next step up.

I'm a "direct medical hypnotist" in that I help people with severe issues. For 7 years I worked with 3 actual medical doctors who incorporated "direct" hypnosis techniques for burn patients, cancer patients, PTSD patients and those in extreme physical or emotional pain.

I'm also an "indirect clinical hypnotist" where I also use metaphors and story telling techniques which were created by Milton Erickson.

And I'm a "corporate stage hypnotist" because of my knowledge in Medicine, Stress Management and Focusing to Achieve Goals Techniques.

I continued to expand my knowledge of the power of the mind by spending years studying, practicing and helping others using the following:

√ Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
√ Guided Meditation
√ Progressive Relaxation
√ Autogenic Training
√ Visualization Techniques
√ Stress Management
√ Pain Free Childbirth

As for "comedy" stage hypnosis for schools and parties, anyone with half a brain and a very limited knowledge of hypnosis can entertain people. It takes very little knowledge of hypnosis to say "relax this muscle, that muscle, sleep, now dance like a drunken monkey."

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