Johnathan Banks
Psychologist & Hypnotist
My name is Johnathan Banks. I'm a Psychologist (now retired) and have incorporated Hypnotherapy within my practice since 2000 (still fully active). If you have deep seated issues or strong physical, emotional, mental or medical issues that required doctor or hospital visits, then I highly suggest you go to a psychiatrist or a psychologist who also uses hypnosis within their practice and avoid the common stage and street hypnotists who have no medical background. Obviously, I'm one of those qualified people. 

My specialty is stress related. I can help you if you experience depression, hopelessness, fears, anxieties, PTSD, sleeplessness, nightmares, ADHD (hyperactive), extreme body aches and pains like bad backs that require injections, restless leg syndrome, fibromyalgia, and even with eliminating your fear of dentistry and helping you experience painless childbirth. I can also help you eliminate the need for drugs, stop smoking, make healthier food choices, gain a lot more energy, self confidence and motivation as well as help you perform better at sports and on the job.

My clients are the elite as well as corporations throughout Southern California and can't come to me so I go to them. Therefore, I don't work out of an office. And, unlike most therapists, I can help you with multiple issues at once, so write them down and have the list with you.

What exactly is hypnosis? Thanks to the movie industry, most people believe the word hypnosis means mind control, is against their religion and is used only on the weak minded. Actually, that's not hypnosis at all; that's brain washing which is when a cult or abusive spouse forces one to abandon the way they were raised to think, feel, say and do things and to now believe and act only the way their controller believes and wants them to act. Hypnosis, on the other hand, is performed only in cooperation with the client and strengthens and reinforces "the positive side" of their born and raised belief system.

Let's begin with there's no such thing as hypnosis ... as you know it. What you have probably seen is a combination of two things, hypnosis which is the ability to relax and the power of persuasion which is the ability to get people to do things if worded correctly. Let's look at each of these separately.

Hypnosis, the ability to relax, is exactly what you put yourself through at bedtime. You climb into bed, take deep breaths and feel the stresses of the day leave your body with each exhale; you'll notice the TV in the other room or various sounds in the background have become no more than a low humming sound, and the only thing you're really focusing on is how warm your blanket feels around you or how soft your pillow feels beneath your head, and without even realizing it, you become sleepy and drift off to sleep. This entire process of letting go of the stresses of the day which causes you to completely relax so that you can eventually drift off to sleep was named hypnosis, named after the Greek god Hypnos, the god of sleep.

The power of persuasion, the ability to get people to do things if worded correctly, is what parents, bosses, teachers and even commercials attempt to use on you all the time. Persuasions have influence over you if worded correctly, otherwise no one would be able to convince you to do anything, ever.

Now let's put them both together. Once you have let go of the stresses of the day and are completely relaxed, you think clearer. You remember where you left your car keys. Someone's name you were trying to remember now becomes clear. And oddly enough, you're just a little more willing to follow instructions as long as those instructions are non-intimidating and from someone you trust. This is why a trusted therapist's non-intimidating words are more effective once you are completely relaxed on their sofa.

Hypnosis stage shows work the same way. Hypnotists first explain to the audience why they should trust them. Trust is created by saying 3 things. "First, I will not ask you to reveal any secrets. Second, you will not be embarrassed or humiliated in any way. And third, you will leave the stage feeling very happy, very healthy and more relaxed than you've probably felt in years." Volunteers will then come up on stage because they are willing to follow "non-intimidating" instructions from someone they now trust. The hypnotist then talks them into relaxing step by step, the same way I've explained at bedtime. And once they are completely relaxed, their minds become open to non-intimidating instructions. Their willingness to trust, relax and follow instructions is why some people think their performances are fake.

Who can be hypnotized? Anyone can be hypnotized because hypnosis is only the ability to relax to the point of feeling sleepy. But not everyone can be persuaded. This is why, no matter how good stage hypnotists are, they'll always send volunteers back into the audience because they resisted their persuasions. You can watch hypnosis stage shows on YouTube.

Hypnosis, the ability to relax to the point of feeling sleepy, then the power of persuasion, the ability to get people to do things if worded correctly, is very effective and sometimes in just one session - if the issues are minor issues. However, issues that require doctor or hospital visits are not minor and will definitely require additional sessions. Each follow up session, if kept in a timely manner, allows what the psychiatrist, psychologist or "medical" hypnotist is telling you to sink deeper and deeper into your subconscious causing change to become more and more permanent.

 In order for me to help you, you must first trust in me that I have your best interest at heart and are willing to follow my instructions on the steps to relax - which is when my "persuasive, yet non-intimidating instructions" will become more effective - and you will leave feeling healthier, happier and probably more relaxed than you've felt in years.

Do not believe the common stage and street hypnotists who have NO medical training that claim your "serious medical issues that require doctor or hospital visits" will be completely cured in one session. If that were true, then every psychiatrist and psychologist who also uses hypnosis within their practice would have cured every single one of their clients in the very first session. Now does that make sense? Because it shouldn't.